The history of this institution dates back to 1957 when the College was founded by the colonial Government as a Technical Rural Training School. Since then, the Institution has undergone tremendous growth and transformation from Machakos Technical and Trade School in 1958, Machakos Technical School in 1967 to Machakos Training Technical Institute in 1987. The Institution was elevated to Machakos University College through Legal Notice No. 130, on 16th September, 2011. since he school inherited well equipped workshops in Mechanical & Automotive engineering, Electrical & Electronics engineering and Building & Civil Engineering. The institution has also embarked on construction and equipping of modern engineering laboratories. The school is also endowed with qualified and highly experience technicians and technologists in various fields of engineering. The school has also recruited senior faculty staff to train and carry out research in the school. Therefore the Institution has a strong technical background and has therefore built a unique niche in training technical personnel in diverse areas of Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology. and interact with our School, you will find our faculty and students exceptionally talented and creative and this constitutes the single most reason why ours is the School of choice.